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If Looks Could Kill, I Would Have Dropped Dead

It wasn’t 3 years ago

sitting on a bench out in the lower west side of NYC. The wind was subtle and the aroma was of coffee and toxins.

I was waiting for mi lady.

She was late, but apparently for good reason

Things I will never understand...

15 minutes pass and she walks up and boy did she look amazing. I mean down right gorgeous

Many thoughts and a smile came out. I asked her if she was ready to go

She tells me “yes, let’s make it happen”

you see, we’ve been together now for 6 years – and I still have crush on her.

she drives me to do better every day and I wonder if I’d ever known what a sales letter was if I never met her.

These days, I’m driven so deep into direct response marketing, I’ve got to step back and appreciate everything going on.

I remember that night where her looks could have struck me down like a bolt of lightning coming from Zeus himself.

Have you ever felt that way with someone?

if not, that’s cool

regardless, your business came from something and to keep it alive remember where you started and where you are now.

Include some sound marketing with email, letters, or advertising the right way and you’ll have even more reason to have a special date night to remember.

Take your significant other out and remember it, as if it’s your last day.

But to get there, you should have a reason to celebrate.

you can do that by making a huge boost of cash

“Investigative Marketing”

Just Make It Happen,

David Rosa