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The Secret to Making your writing flow like a big slippery slide on a hot day.

If you want your reader to actually read what you have slaved over to write, edit and perfect – then you should keep reading.

You see, too many folks love to write extremely long blocks of text. Like a highschool textbook, or better yet one of those useless paperweights in university.

yet, you forget to think about how you personally look at these blocks of text. “oh boy, I don’t want to read that. It’ll take way too long and I’ve got stuff to do.”

the thing is, we are creatures of habit. With reading, we like to read in full chapters. So if I’m on the john with a book, I’ll go ahead and check how long the chapter is before starting.

This gives me a notion of how long I’ll be here reading the wonderful craft in front of me.

I mean, who wants to read half a chapter and come back a day later to forget what was going on. Nope, I’d rather read the entire chapter in one sitting.

And chances are you’re like that as well.

This just means we like small chunks of information to be taken in at a time, so why not break up that bit intimidating block of text to make sure you’re reader even wants to read it.

Yes it goes against english 101, but who cares – if you want your ideas, passions, and message read by others – then break up your paragraphs into one or two sentences at a time.

Just like I’ve done here. Nothing intimidating, just small digestible chapters and tidbits of information to help you get to the next one.

Kind of like a slide. One of those you would blow up on a hot day, splash some water on and slide down until the sun set.

As you read this, it seems simple. It flows nice and smooth. Another quick tip is to write just like you speak. As if you’re sitting next to someone and letting them into your beautiful mind.

I remember reading a philosophy paper I did back in the good old college…

…damn near impossible to read now. It’s it professor talk, not regular human being talk.

The key is to look for an 8th grade reading level, don’t worry your smart friends won’t think you’re an idiot because of it. And they’ll still read what you have to say

This one tip will dramatically increase your readership. Also, If you decide to create a non-fiction book…

…my hat will be off to you if your chapters are 2 to 3 pages as well. If you’ve ever read through a book like that, you probably blew right through it without a thought.

And that my friends is how to get anyone to slip through your words like a chute full of grease. Seems nasty, now that you think about it.

But I forgot to tell you about the last bit, don’t have enough time now so I’ll let you in on it over at david rosa.net You’ll find some more rants about getting readership and conversions.

Do You Learn Something New Every Day?

Chances are you do and have no clue you did.

it happens all the time…

Like when you’re outside, feeling the cold NYC winter air spiking your face. Specifically when you’re about to be smashed by a taxi who is about to run a red light.

Around this times, it happens often – yet if your eyes are open to what’s going around you’ll learn some very valuable lessons.

Most lessons in life can be directly used in business as well.

For example the entire “keep your friends  close, but your enemies closer”

it’s cliche, yeah so what – but if you understand what your competition is doing… you’ll never have to worry about losing business.

As a quick aside, I said understand what they’re doing – not copy what they are doing.

doing that will put you in the poor house. Mainly because you will have no clue if it’s working or not and chances are – it’s not.

Unless of course they have been trained by a badass who knows how to persuade and get someone’s love.

**cough cough**

but back to my thought.

ah yes, the lessons.

So, let me ask you – when walking down the street, what do you notice?

are your eyes opened to your surroundings, or are you thinking about the next deal?

I’ve tried, in my time, to be AWAY from business when I’m not actively engaging. But I haven’t had much success.

When I do, though, I feel much more relaxed and stress free.

The next time you’re walking around try to listen to your surroundings, stop for one second and count the number of people in your field of view.

Be aware of whats going on and something might pop into your head. Something that could greatly benefit you in your life.

both in business and for personal gain. You’ll learn something about yourself as well.

What you say you appreciate might not be what you actually feel…

okay enough with the crazy blazah woopee stuff.

Just make sure you’re choosing to learn something worth while, and not why mcdonalds burgers taste good but are so bad for ya.

Because regardless of what you do, you’re learning something (good or bad) no matter what it’s happening.

Take control and mmmake it happen.

David “Awaremagnate” Rosa

Knight Yourself Or Fail

I’m crazy about certifications and awards… You know, JD Power and Associates… (what are they, and what do they do? But I know they give good auto ratings………)

when I say this, I’m not talking in a good way. I think they’re downright stupid (certifications)

A way for you to “believe” you need approval for skills you’re already very experienced with. Too many folks believe they need a certification or seal of approval from some outside force in order to make things happen.

So we stay in fear mode until we achieve their “requirements” for the sticker, whether it be an entire 4 year course, or a simple 18 hour program. We do it because this big dumb company says so.

No, it doesn’t work that way. Or better yet shouldn’t work that way.

Let me ask you, who certified this company before they won their stamp? If they can create “authority” and “certifications” out of air, why can’t you?

It’s amusing to see friends and people I know run to their schools, and to get their certifications only to see that business doesn’t come knocking down the doors.

I know personal trainers who never thought of a NASM, or Speakers who aren’t in associations who are making more cash than their counterparts. And boy is everyone pissed about it.

Maybe you’re guilty about not having that “credit” society sheds light on. Maybe you’d feel bad not putting in the work society has taught you to do since being a young lad. Well, my friend – the normal way of living might not be the best way.

Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I’d like to help you out here…

So I anoint you – Knight Of Your Life.

If you needed approval, there you have it. You’re a badass, and can now live and give value to the world with what you’re good at. If you’re great at helping folks over 34 reveal their sexy abs in two months – have at it! Start your own venture and use my marketing tricks.

Maybe get a book or two on direct response marketing, learn some copy and then come back to me for some pointers.

Go jump in, don’t worry about the big Better Business Bureau stamp of approval.

All my friends hear it from me, you don’t need that certification. If you can get the job done, let people know and stand by it

From then on, you are considered a badass.

But hey, If you’d want to join the investigators, just ask.

David “Sir Knights Alot” Rosa

Dial In And Make Shit Happen

but what the heck are you talking about David?

“dial in”? what does that even mean.

It means getting focused, getting the shit done that actually matters to fuel your ambition.

all too often, I hear about excuses and “reasons” why they can’t try a new style or strategy.

Whether it be a trust building strategy to gain better relationships with customers, or even working out to get healthier.

We all create this BS in our minds and then justify it without giving anything else another thought.

what ever can we do?

Dial in…

just do it, go for it – and picture the end goal with you right there.

A great way to get focused and “dial in” is to meditate. (if you’d like resources on where to get the best information, email me)

I do it, but certainly need to more often – it helps me get rid of the bs excuses, focus on what’s important and get shit done.

If you are having trouble getting the buzzards out of your head you can try and calm yourself through meditation.

then get to work on better marketing and advertising to help your prospects, clients, and customers get life changing results.

Because that’s what we do – help other people make massive shifts and gains.

we can do that better with great strategy and meditation.

Calm yourself, dial in, and mmmake it happen!

David “woosaah” Rosa

There’s a saying about being first…

“pioneers get arrows in their backs”

So what does that mean to you and your business?

I’ll tell you in a minute…

because 3 days ago, I was asked by a friend why I don’t
invent something?

I thought about it for 1.4 seconds and snapped!

“it’s not that kind of party, I don’t do that – I steal stuff”

Now before you go all wild and crazy here – let me clarify.

I’m not in the business of taking someones property and using it outright

What we do is – use what is working within our industry or others and
model it, catering to our specific needs.

It goes back to why we never want to be pioneers.

pioneers are looking and hoping for gold, when we just model what has
proven to work and make our own twist to it.

It’s something you should do in every way within your business.

And guess what, damn near every great product or invention was already made
but someone though of a tweak to improve it.

It’s what many many many folks do.

Let’s talk about a winning salesletter for example.

Not copyright infringement, but if you find a letter worth millions of sales.

Study the structure and code – then write your own similar piece.

It’s how most problems and products, services are put together.

So don’t be a pioneer, find out what works and put your own spin on it.

Mmmake it happen,

David “Bulls-eye” Rosa

This Number Is Tragic And WILL Destroy Your Life

Do you know the absolute worst number?

It’s very common, but people always seem to rely on it solely.

Ever hear the saying…

“don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

well for good reason my friend, no one should ever rely on just ONE anything.

imagine for a second your business is running smooth through word of mouth.

then all of a sudden one customer has a terrible experience and the word spreads like wildfire.

The sad part is, you weren’t doing any other kind of advertising to bring in the money.

and the next thing you know – all the water dries up in the lake.

No more cashflow.

it happens all the time, I’ve seen it and (in the past) been victim to this horrible thing.

Having one product, or service.

just one advertising medium.

just one testimonial.

just one direct mail piece.

just one investment.

just one way of thinking….

which kept me stagnant for quite some time, until a big hairy hand slapped me in the face.

Damn, was it a wake up call.

and if you suffer from this disease, I give you a virtual hairy slap in the face…

…because there are plenty of other numbers to rely on other than just one.

And many ways to bump up your customer attraction using methods taught to me by the marketing league of shadows.

These guys are no joke, but we’ll get into that another time.

For now, use more methods for building your business – more than just one.

There are plenty of ways floating around here. Go find em and get back to me…

David “Number 1 Hater” Rosa

Your Insubortination Costs Millions Each Year!

If I had a nickel for ever person who told me they knew who they were selling to..

…i’d be a super thousandaire – whatever that may be.

have you ever had one of those moments where you knew someone had absolutely no clue what they were saying but still went ahead with it?

it happens all the time with me.

so much so, I’ve had to raise my tone a couple times in order for the “I’m serious” meter to get a bump.

I mean it happened a couple days ago.

I asked a buddy of mine who owns a music studio “so who are you selling to?”

he went and shelled out some elaborate picture of nothing. People who don’t exist on this planet – he just hadn’t a clue.

But hey, it happens to the best of us.

BUT since he had no clue who the great individuals he was pitching his services to were…

he didn’t really know how to speak to them in order to get the sale.

you see, when you dial in the EXACT person you want to buy your stuff, you’ll have an understanding about them.

their realities, their fears – all the goodness they want.

and then you can speak to them in ways only they will understand.

guess what – then your register will ring “KA-CHING!”

but in order to get to know your person better you’ve got to ask better questions.

and I asked him some damn god questions to get him gelling.

you can check some of the questions out in my insiders club

MMmake it happen!

David “Question Master” Rosa

If You Fought In A Cage, Would You Survive?

You know business is a lot like the martial arts.

Without the proper training, you just wont survive.

I bring it up because of my adventures over this past weekend.

A buddy of mine asked me to be his corner man ( you know the guy who lubes him up and acts like rocky’s trainer as he gets pummeled)

Yeah, it caught me by surprise but I’ve been around the mill a little so I can see why he asked me.

But my question was, “Are you ready?”

I’m not sure he was ready, I’m not sure he had the proper training for this.

Thing is, he wasn’t the only one.

In the locker room with all the “hard core, world class” fighters gave me a slight chill for a little. As everyone looked as if they just killed a bear with a toothpick and floss.

The anger and confidence in their eyes would intimidate the likes of anyone who hasn’t been in the game themselves.

Yet, something weird happened once it was their time to enter the ring.

They froze!

I mean all skills, techniques flew out the window faster than a kid after the ice cream truck in blistering summer heat.

It was atrocious to say the least. I felt sorry for my brothers in the martial arts.

Suddenly I felt a very strong whiff of confidence in my abilities from my training. The ability to adapt to situations and my specific training gave me tools which these guys didn’t have.

And you know what, it happens in business too.

Without the proper tools of the trade, you can look like a deer in the headlights too.

Don’t let yourself fall into that pit, or better yet into the octagon with someone looking to destroy your every being.

MMMake it happen,

David “CornerMan” Rosa